24 Hour Hotline
(530) 225-8955

NOR-CAL Intergroup
1050 State St at Favretto
PO Box 991107
Redding, CA 96099
email: norcalintergroup
Phone: (530)225-8955

Office Hours:

  Mon thru Fri:
    7am - 9 am,
    11am - 1pm,
    & 5pm - 7pm

    8am - noon

    9am - 1pm


Northern California AA News

Intergroup is requesting that all local meeting secretaries update their intergroup representative information with our Office Manager either by calling 530-225-8955 or sending an email to norcalintergroup@gmail.com

Bob, our intergroup office manager, is also requesting that you keep GSO updated regarding your group's information by completing Form F-28 and returning it to him. He will record any necessary information for local use and then forward the form to GSO.

Thank you!

Most of the books (and pamphlets) published by Alcoholics Anonymous are available for purchase at the Redding Intergroup office (address at left). Click here for the book price list.

Curious about the Grapevine? Do you want to subscribe? Click here to download/view the Grapevine News.

Posting Information and Meeting Schedule Access

Every month I will add the latest news on events, new meetings, and other information on the website

Siskiyou County and Lassen and Modoc Counties now have new links to their meetings schedules. Please see the Meetings Schedule page for information.

There is a new printable NorCal Meeting Schedule in PDF format available for download on the meeting schedule page. You can now print your own schedules from the website. If you can't read the .PDF file, Here is the link to the free Adobe PDF Reader. Free Adobe PDF Reader

Send meeting changes and copies of your upcoming events flyers to Bob L. at norcalintergroup@gmail.com.